Like many organisations we had never set out our values before now. It therefore came as a surprise when we found that our values could be identified so clearly in our day-to-day dealing with our clients, suppliers and our workforce. A bigger surprise that we could all agree on them.

Quality: from the very first day of business 'quality' has been a core value at Guildprime. Our people take pride in delivering services and workmanship of the highest quality.

Openness: Keeping complex projects on schedule requires a high degree of openness and at times directness, something our clients have come to rely upon. If there is a problem the quicker it is brought into the open the quicker a solution can be found.

Responsibility: Guildprime takes its responsibilities to our clients, their clients, our employees, our broader workforce, site neighbours' and broader general public seriously. We aim to discharge these responsibilities with diligence, consideration and fairness at all times.

Fairness: We work in a fast paced and at times stressful industry. Guildprime will therefore always endeavour to deal with others as we would wish to be dealt with ourselves.

Trust: Our aim is to be a trusted member of any development team. A trust earned through hard work and delivering on our promises and remaining focused on our values.

Fun: Maybe it's not strictly a value, but it can be a long day if you can't find the fun in work – so we encourage everyone to find time for the lighter side in their daily routine.

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New Project Alert - One Braham

Guildprime Specialist Contracts Ltd are pleased to announce that we have secured the full toilet core fit-out package, including the basement changing areas, at One Braham in the heart of Aldgate.

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