Guildprime's expansive in-house metal fabrication facility houses the latest, state of the art, precision machinery. Whilst our people provide practical solutions to project challenges without compromising the integrity of design.

Our clients are renowned architects, designers and high street brand names who demand the highest levels of quality and who regularly challenge us to find new methods to realise their vision.

Projects includes doors, staircases, and balustrades as well as bespoke furniture and display cabinets. We have experience of working with a range of metals including: Stainless steel, mild steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Bronze.

We also have experience of producing items from composite materials including glass, concrete, wood and metal.

Metal finishing, Polishing, Anodising, Paint, Metal Plating, Sand blasting, can be specified to match your project requirements. Although it should be noted that some finishes are not suitable for some metals.

To discuss your next project or obtain a sample contact us on: +44 (0)1277 637888

Latest News

New Project Alert - One Braham

Guildprime Specialist Contracts Ltd are pleased to announce that we have secured the full toilet core fit-out package, including the basement changing areas, at One Braham in the heart of Aldgate.

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