Private clinics and healthcare

A step away from the norm, fitting out for the healthcare sector requires a different approach in terms of design and priorities. At Guildprime we have the expertise and know-how to adapt our skills to fit the very specific demands required. A dedicated Contracts Manager works with clinic owners to understand the needs of clients and patients. Whilst luxury is still key, it’s important to create comfortable, calm and peaceful spaces in which patients can relax. The practicalities, essential equipment and health and safety requirements particular to this sector need to be accounted for and we excel with our bespoke approach to each client. As always, the whole team works constantly reviewing timelines, costs and budget to ensure targets are met, if not beaten.

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Clinics Case Studies

Kensington Beauty Clinic

Guildprime undertook the complete refurbishment of the entire ground floor of this beautifully located building in the heart of leafy Kensington, London W8.



Feature of this project included the construction of specialist treatment and consultation rooms were the emphasis was on cleanliness and hygiene