What if we could do more? #Pledgeforourplanet

November 12, 2021 by Guildprime

The pandemic has allowed the world to move several steps in the right direction towards the building of a more sustainable world. Although atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide continue to be on the rise, the emission reduction of 2020 has helped to slow down the rate of this increase.


However, these lowered levels of pollution may not be here to stay, especially as life slowly shifts back to normality. Beyond battling the pandemic, we need to tackle the climate problem we have been and will continue to face, which will change the way we live in the long run.

We believe that we have the power to do more to make a bigger impact in the world. We are proud to announce our partnership with the B1G1 Business for good project. Guildprime can make a bigger impact on projects around the world that are in line with our visions and goals. We believe in delivering sustainable projects with our people, clients and supply chain.


Through you and our wonderful partnership with B1G1, we are creating a world of giving. Your engagement and collaboration, allows us to make a bigger impact on the world, together.


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What if we could do more? #Pledgeforourplanet

Guildprime are proud members of the B1G1 Giving for good project.

Works completed in time for this season

Guildprime completed a refurbishment project at a Premier League football club in London.

Guildprime awarded 2 new high profile contracts.

What a pleasure to announce, we have been awarded 2 new high profile contracts.