March 25, 2020 by The Guildprime Team

Since Monday evening’s speech by the Prime Minister where the importance of social distancing was reconfirmed, the country has settled into a period of lockdown following the guidelines set. For most this means not going into work, but the construction industry has been asked by the government to continue to work on sites “not in private and occupied households”. For Guildprime this means that two sites remain operational.

As always, the health and wellbeing of our employees, clients, colleagues, families and indeed the wider community, is our priority. With this in mind, we have been working hard to ensure all work is undertaken as safely as possible, with minimal risk. Alongside the existing site rules, sanitising regime, extra signage and communications, we have implemented the following new additional working practices:

  • Site teams are not to use public transport to travel to and from jobs and instead are to drive, alone whenever possible, or with a maximum of two people per vehicle if not. To facilitate this Guildprime is paying for all fuel costs and parking.
  • To reduce social contact, site teams have been asked not to use site canteens and instead Guildprime is supplying all those workers with a daily subsidy to enable anybody without their own food and drink to buy it elsewhere. We have also advised that all food is to be consumed away from the site.
  • We have scheduled works so that no more than two people are working together at any one time, adhering to the social distancing rule of keeping two meters apart whenever possible, and this applies to all areas of the site, including the office.

At our head office we are also continuing to operate to the best of our professional ability during these unprecedented times whilst being mindful of the current situation:

  • Our IT department has been working tirelessly to ensure all staff can work remotely, with a skeleton team remaining in situ at the office. These staff have all been segregated in separate offices and have been instructed to keep a safe distance from each other throughout the day.
  • The strict cleaning regime in place since the outbreak remains and has been ramped up.
  • We are continuing our policy of no visitors with any meetings taking place via electronic platforms.

As always, Guildprime strives to deliver the best level of service to our clients during this difficult time, whilst prioritising the safety and health of everyone involved in these projects. We will continue to do so until further instructions are received from the government and will communicate any updates accordingly.

Stay well,
The Guildprime Team